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project name: Bamboo Kitchen Counters
Eco-friendly bamboo plywood has a soft appealing look. The natural colors and textures of bamboo comes through in the finished product.
project name: Bamboo Fencing
Bamboo fencing is an eco-friendly alternative choice and a great way to creating a resort style outdoor living space. When it comes to durability and versatility, bamboo fencing can compete with other types of fences.
project name: Bamboo Wall Panels
Economical and eco-friendly bamboo panels that are flexible and sturdy, these panels make an excellent choice for wall decor.
project name: Earth-Friendly Floors
Unique and beautiful bamboo hardwood flooring systems for environmentally friendly applications.
project name: Nature Inspired Lumber
Exotic and durable, bamboo poles are used for construction, furniture, bamboo houses and more.
project name: Bamboo Veneers
Bamboo veneers is an Eco-friendly choice and a great way to creating and restoring walls, furniture and indoor living space.
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We offer a wide range of products including bamboo fencing, bamboo poles, bamboo plywood, bamboo panels, bamboo floors and bamboo veneers.

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